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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

The Bad Beginning

St. Anne's Primary School, P4
March 8th 2017

Chapter One

Long ago, there was a pizza man that had his own shop. One day, a magic wizard came to his shop and turned him into a pizza – a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese.

Who Knew?

St. Anne's Primary School, P4
March 7th 2017

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Winston. Winston was a schoolboy and he had a big imagination...

Mysterious Love

St. Genevieve's High School, 9N
March 1st 2017


Chapter 1

Sean and Cara were on their way to school. All they could see was buses and people. It was very cold and windy so they were wrapped up in scarves and hats.

“I forgotten my books,” said Sean...

Perfect Day

St. Genevieve's High School, Y9R
February 7th 2017

Lillie came over to visit her twin sister Tilly two weeks before the wedding, to help her pick her dress.

They walked into Perfect Day and flipped through the catalogue of dresses.

Conductor Duck and Jeff

Donegall Road Primary School, P6
February 1st 2017

Chapter One

“My name is Jeff,” said the chicken to Conductor Duck. They were in a pond that was blue with big lily pads and frogs.

“Do you want to go for a splash?” said Conductor Duck in a happy voice.

Chapter 1: Bob's Great Adventure

St. Joseph's Primary School, P4
January 25th 2017

One day there was a one-pack-guy called Bob. Bob’s best friend was called Jeff. Jeff had a six pack.

One day, they were in Bob’s house. They were training for the Universe Weightlifting Championships. Bob thought that Jeff wasn’t good enough to win and Jeff thought that Bob wasn’t good enough to win.


Stranmillis University College Belfast
January 23rd 2017

Chapter One

‘No, no, no!’ said Felicia, throwing her arms up in the air. Jeremi looked at the ground; all he wanted to do was impress her. When the ballet class finished, Jeremi rushed to see his best friend Jim, the village butcher, as he so often did for advice.