Welcome to our Library of Stories. Please click on the story title to read Chapter 1.
These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

Goldy the Secret Spy

St. Brides Primary School, P5
January 17th 2017

Chapter One

A clarinet was in a dusty attic because it wasn’t played anymore. One day the owner, Mr Bubbles, came and blew into the clarinet. A dog came out!

The dog’s name was Goldy and she was a secret spy-dog. Goldy was wearing a dress that could shoot lots of lasers.

A Sticky Situation

St. Brides Primary School, P5
January 12th 2017

Chapter One

Gummy was born in Bubble Gum Planet. One day, a meteor struck and he fell off the planet. Gummy landed in a supermarket on Planet Earth. When he woke up, he saw that his pet gummy dog and fallen out with him.

Diogee and the Great Trap

St. Brides Primary School, P5
January 10th 2017

Once upon a time, there was a dog called Diogee. His owner Amy didn’t really care about him. He wished he could turn into a lion so that he could scare her.

One afternoon, Diogee went to his next-door-neighbour Kevin’s house for a cup of tea. Kevin invited him in and went into the kitchen to make the tea.

The Hero of the Tea

St. Patricks & Seaview Primary Schools, P6
November 16th 2016

One time there was a teabag named Teaboy.  His best friend was Mary Dodger who was a Jammie Dodger.  They lived in Kansas in a giant teacup.  Their address was 454 Cup Lane.

Dan the Lonely Astronaut

St. Patricks & Seaview Primary Schools, P6
November 15th 2016

Dan the lonely astronaut was floating up in the sky. He was desperate to get home to see his family.  Suddenly, he met a space dog called Money.

“Hello, how are you doing?” said Dan...

Suicide Squad: The Dog Edition

November 9th 2016

Once, there was a dog called Banana. Banana lived in a pet shop for mythical creatures.

One day, a man called Joe came into the shop and bought Banana. He liked that Banana was unusual.

A dog called Apple lived at Bob’s house next door to Joe. Another dog called Pear lived with Jimmy, who was also a neighbour.