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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

Chocolate River, Here We Go!

St. Oliver Plunkett Primary School, P6
May 19th 2016

“I’m a little marshmallow, squishy and fat! To find my pet unicorn, I put on my thinking hat!” sang Meanie the marshmallow. Meanie was 5ft 11 and had a shiny head.

Meanie was walking about on Marshmallow Street in Melted Hot Chocolate Falls...

Toby's Mis-Adventures

Seaview Primary School, P6
May 3th 2016

Toby was packing his backpack to set off on a journey.  Suddenly he heard a knock on his door.  It was Tera the pterodactyl.

Tera was big and bright pink and she was also a lawyer who worked on murder cases...

Today is the Day

St. Genevieve's High School, Y9
April 28th 2016

Dear Diary,        

Today is another day without my mum.  I’m hoping I will find her soon.  It’s been hard since the day she was taken.  It annoys me that Damien won’t be able to come with me to help...

Annie the Spy

Knocknagoney Primary School, P6
April 28th 2016

One stormy night, a girl called Annie was on a train. She was on her way back to her Agency, where spies look after trains.

Suddenly, the train crashed. It was being attacked by villains! The train flew off the track and into the desert. It stuck into the sand.

Annie walked about the train to see if there was anyone there...

Adventure of a Lifetime

St. Patricks Primary School, P6
April 27th 2016

Long ago there was a really tiny family. All was quiet but not quiet at all. The little man was taking a power snooze in his bed. He lived in a cave underground.

He suddenly woke up he realised it was very quiet...

King Unicorn Defeats Jeff

Knocknagoney Primary School, CrossWords Project
April 20th 2016

Once there was a king unicorn. His name was Bob. He lived in a faraway land called Candy Kingdom and he pooped out jellybeans at random. Once a year he would fly over Candy Kingdom and poop jellybeans over it...

Magical Mayhem

Nettlefield Primary School, P6
April 19th 2016

On a sunny day in the woods, a bear was going for a walk.   The bear was swinging his arms happily when suddenly a rainbow shot out of both of his hands.   A big line of sparkly rainbow colours bounced off a tree and hit him right in the chest.

The bear fell to the ground sadly.  ‘OUCH!’ he screeched painfully, and started screamed...