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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

The Cry for Help

Write Club
January 11th 2016

Ted was burying his favourite butterfly. As he was walking away he forgot about the empty hole and fell in.

It began to darken as the man called for help. A man heard him and walked over to the hole, but he fell in…

The Stolen Hairbrush

Belfast Model School for Girls
December 10th 2015

Theresa had just come back from swimming. Her hair was soaking wet.

She went looking for her hairbrush, but it wasn't there.  

Trisha was getting ready to go out to the cinema to see the new Star Wars film. She was feeling excited...

Dr. Vanilla's Big Day

Carryduff Primary School, P6
December 3th 2015

In his lair, evil Dr Vanilla was working on a new invention. It was a radio that only sings Mozart. It backfired and turned into a robotic pug.

Evil Dr Vanilla hated marshmallows. He was an ice cream, and he had a bad history with marshmallows...