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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

Bob and Puffin's Adventure

St. Patricks Primary School
June 29th 2015

There was this old man called Bob. He was the janitor of a haunted house. The haunted house was full of cobwebs and the windows were broken. Kids were scared of the house and they never went in to the garden even when a ball went in when they were playing games.

It was just a normal day and Bob was taking out the rubbish when he saw his next door neighbour, Sid...

Bob Blob's Great Escape

Scoil An Droichid
May 15th 2015

Once upon a time there was a jelly monster called Bob Blob and he lived in jail. He was scared of spoons so at lunch time he stayed in his cell. The first time he was at lunch all the other ganster jellies threatened him with spoons and he never left his cell since.

Bob Blob couldn’t use a knife and fork because he didn’t have any arms...

One Story, Many Endings

An illustration accompanied by One Story, Many Endings, written by St Bernard's Primary School, p5St. Bernard's Primary School, P5
June 5th 2015

Prologue   6000 years ago, five fearsome beasts were destroying the world. A team of five heroic children captured them each in a bottle and buried them in the soil. Legend has it that 6000 years after, lightning will strike the Ministry of Stories and the monsters will take over again…  

Charlotte and the Ghost Train

Illustration for Charlotte and the Ghost Train, written by Donegall Road Primary School, P5Donegall Road Primary School, P5
May 14th 2015

Charlotte the husky dog was walking home one day. She was very tired so she didn’t notice that she had walked onto a train in the middle of nowhere.

She didn’t realise it was the ghost train. Charlotte tried to get off it, but she couldn’t. The doors were locked with metal bars.

She rang Superdog, her best friend. ‘What’s the problem, Charlotte?’ asked Superdog...

Escape from School

St. Bernard's Primary School
April 30th 2015

Once upon a time there was a boy called Ben. He was forced to go to boarding school by his mum. He went when he was very little and he couldn’t remember anything of home but he had a teddy bear.

One day he was on the train on his way to school. He met a man on the train...

Veronica's Dream

Illustration for Veronica's Dream, written by New Lodge Arts Academy, Junior Drama GroupNew Lodge Arts Academy, Junior Drama Group
March 9th 2015

Ages and ages ago, a girl called Veronica didn’t have a house. She had a best friend called Henny who was a Jack Russell. 

Veronica had dark brown hair and she was always very dirty...

The Adventures of Princess Emily and Prince Dennis

An illustration for The Adventures of Princess Emily and Prince Dennis, written by New Lodge Youth Centre After Schools GroupNew Lodge Youth Centre After-schools Group
March 11th 2015

Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom where fairies flew in the sky and pirates roamed the sea, there was a most beautiful girl called Princess Emily.

There was one problem: she loved someone but she wasn’t sure if he loved her back. Prince Dennis was his name.

One day in the little village, Princess Emily and Prince Dennis were having a little tea party.