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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

I'm Gonna Make It!

Christ the Redeemer Primary School, P5
13th June 2023


Once there was a girl called Carla who liked to play football. Carla had brown hair and blue eyes. Carla’s best friend was a medium sized German Shepherd dog called Bruno who barked but Carla could understand him. 

Every night Carla would say to Bruno, “I wish I had other friends and I wish I could win the World Cup as well.”

I wish I could do that as well, barked Bruno. “Bark bark bark bark.”  

When Blue Turned Green

Knockbreda Primary School, P6
8th June 2023 - Empathy Day with Libraries NI

It was summertime in the forest and the sun shone through the trees. The trees and the grass were blue except for a special blade of grass, blazing green, called Paul. The sky was pink and the sun was falling out

of the sky.

The Poisoned Strawberry Ice-cream

Killowen Primary School, P4
8th June 2023

Stinky Bob and his brother are going for a walk. An enemy is coming behind them to kidnap the both of them, but Cutesy the dog rescues them and they continue on their walk to get cheese to build the cheese house. Billy Joe the half dinosaur half man comes to help build the cheese house. 

Then it’s built and then the magical mermaid Sky knocks it down and steals all the cheese but then once she gets it into the ocean it goes all mouldy and bad...

The Brilliant Banana

Killowen Primary School, P6/7
7th June 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop

Frank the banana-alien was walking his pet rock, Rocko, in a classroom in France. Frank heard the teacher telling the class what a time capsule is. He had an idea, and he was happy to contribute to the time capsule. 

The Tobacco Mess

Coláiste Feirste, Bl10
31st May 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop

It was a rainy day, and the world was in black and white. Mickey was rolling a cigar, and he looked out the window and he saw a pigeon. Mickey had orange fingers from the fifty years he had worked in the Capital Cigars Factory in Cork.

Mickey dropped his tobacco, and shouted, “What was that?!”...

The Pig, the Monkey, and the Journey to Japan

Priory Integrated College, Year 8
18th May 2023

Jonathan the pig was at the airport, looking as smart as ever in his black bow-tie and waistcoat. He was waiting to show his boarding pass at the gate. He wished he hadn’t made such a silly face for his passport photo. He was so nervous, that he was debating with his best friend about being sick of all the French food. Jonathan was speaking too fast, and Bob struggled to understand his French...

Jonathan and the Long Lost Family

St. Columba's Primary School, P6
17th May 2023

In the dark canopy of the rainforest there was a monkey called Jonathan who wanted to find his family. His best friend Jim has always been there for him, through the hard times. Although he’s always weaving through the branches and he always gets lost! Jonathan said, ‘Where have you gone, Jim?’

Jim replied, ‘I’m just above you!’ Jim was in the dark side of the rainforest where there’s not much sun so it was hard to see him...