Teacher Training

Every year we provide training to student teachers at teaching colleges in Northern Ireland and often have these students work with us on placement, as creative writing mentors and storymakers. We also deliver professional development training in our methods to serving teachers. Please contact Marnie at outreach@fightingwords.co.uk to find out more.


Here are some of the stories created by the student teachers during our training sessions:

Teachers are also invited to book workshops for primary or secondary classes, and make use of the video workshops and downloadable templates on our Online Resources page

Fighting Words Dublin has developed a course at the Dublin City University Institute of Education on Creativity and Creative Writing in Education designed for student teachers and serving teachers, and anyone involved with Fighting Words.  It is open to all to register and have a look or to work through the whole course.

To join the course:

  • Go to https://loop.dcu.ie/login/index.php
  • Click on Non-DCU Accounts
  • Now click on Create a New Account, and follow all the steps to get set up on the system.
  • When you have done this please email colmoc@fightingwords.ie to let him know you are on the system, and he will enrol you on the course.