Welcome to our Library of Stories. Please click on the story title to read Chapter 1.
These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

The Mighty County

St Conor's College, Year 9
16th May 2024

“I didn’t know I could throw that far!” said County Conroy to himself, in an impressed voice, as he approached the halfway line. He saw the ball fly straight over the bar...

Butter Bomb

St Conor's College, Y9
16th May 2024

Demitrius is eating his dinner. It was his last dinner before he flew his private butter jet to Canada for the Parachute Cup...

Burning Away

Cranmore Integrated Primary School, P6
15th May 2024

Sylvia,  a girl with silver hair and red eyes, liked to help people out.  She lived in a cottage deep in the woods with her best friend Amber who was a three headed fire breathing dragon...

Jimothy the Tiny Frog

Abbots Cross Primary School, P5
8th May 2024

Once upon a time it was a sunny morning and Jimothy the frog was feeling disappointed because someone stole his tiny PS5.
“I should’ve hidden this where no one could find it,” Jimothy was thinking...